Repairs & Refurbishment

At the relentless pace of mining, your crusher needs well-timed repairs and robust engineered refurbishment. Let us assess your crushing equipment, estimate accurately and repair & refurbish your crusher back to original manufacturing standard in time, on time, every time.

Uncompromising Quality

We’ve built our local reputation on our ability to repair crushers on the highest standard, using
the best material and manpower, within budget.

Why choose Crushco for Repairs?

Transparency and accountability are of utmost importance when choosing a company to repair your crushing equipment.

We pride ourselves in repairing equipment at the same quality that you would receive from an OEM,
but at a reasonable price, and considerably better lead times.

Equipment is brought back to Original Equipment Specification so you can expect the same performance and not be concerned about interchangeability and fitment of parts.

Because of our competitive pricing we are able to repair equipment that would
have been considered Beyond Economic Repair by most OEMs.

Repairs & Refurbishment Process

Let us take care of your crusher repair, while you take care of your process plant.
All repairs are done to bring crushers back to Original Equipment Manufacturer Standard
Our repair process is reliable and simple

  • Assess & Estimate
  • Repair of your crusher at our workshop in Middelburg
  • Delivery in excellent lead times
  • Expert Maintenance Advice
  • Reliable and continuous Support

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We are conveniently based in Middelburg, Mpumalanga making us local and accessible.